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Customer Support

We know how stressful coursework can be, and our goal is to make finding and booking a tutor as simple as possible. To get started with a new tutor, we offer a simple, user-friendly online booking system where you can view tutor profiles and availability. Our entire booking flow takes less than five minutes. However, if you prefer for us to help with a more personalized match, please contact us via our interactive chat feature, email and/or phone so that we can discuss your needs and find the perfect tutor for you. Unlike other tutoring companies, we are available outside of the normal 9-5 business hours to chat, email, or talk with you.

Once you book your appointment, we request that you send your tutor your syllabus, problem sets, sample exams, class slides, and any other relevant course material to your tutor as soon as possible.  This will allow your tutor ample time to prepare for the session and will help the session run smoothly and effectively.  The tutor will not have to spend valuable time during the session becoming acquainted with the problems you’d like to cover; instead, you can both hit the ground running as soon as the session begins.

After your first appointment, we ask that you complete a quick survey to rate the tutor and provide us with helpful feedback. In addition, if at any time there are questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact us so that we can assist with making your tutoring experience as productive as possible.