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Our Tutors

Many of our tutors have completed advanced degrees in their fields and have graduated from universities such as Princeton, Cornell, UC Berkeley, Georgetown University, George Washington University and Johns Hopkins.  Our tutors have published articles in top journals, applied for patents on their work, and presented at conferences around the world.  But most importantly, they are able to teach you the material that you need to know to excel in your courses.  Our tutors are passionate about helping you reach your goals and will work with you to ensure your success.

All of our tutors hold at least a BA in their field of expertise, and the majority have completed their MA or PhD. In addition, each tutor we hire undergoes a rigorous recruiting process which includes two rounds of interviews, transcript review, as well as employment eligibility verification and reference checks.

At each session, our tutors work to reduce stress, boost confidence, and build knowledge of the course material through interactive instruction and efficient practice methods. Our students have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback regarding the tutor’s performance, and the information gathered from surveys allows Georgetown Tutoring to retain only the most dynamic, engaging, and knowledgeable tutors.

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please apply here